About Destroy all Destroyers

Adulting and professional life have put my art practice in various glitchy states of unrest, uncompleted panic, self-delusion and doubt. I need a place to get some stuff out of my head, and articulating my creative projects and artistic practice outloud so others can read it is a good way to feel some energy around the process.

So, this is for me, but also you. But mostly for me.

Yeah, but who are you?

Seriously who cares. It’s the internet. I could be a coked-up fashion week burnout, or Kim Jong Il’s drunk ghost, but you could still be skeptical enough to think I was an 8chan troll looking to start a right-wing cult. Luckily for you, none of those things are true.

But it was fun to write.

Professionally speaking [ahem] I am a senior UX designer at Ad Hoc, working in the public sector. In 2011 I co-founded, and am currently director of, a nonprofit contemporary arts space in Eugene, Oregon. I’ve been a practicing graphic designer, visual artist, and musician since forever. I’m also a parent to 3, a husband to 1, and a pretty crappy skater.

Digital proof in case you need it:

Art: courtneystubbert.com

Music: deadsharp.com; freestatic.xyz

Professional: adhocteam.us; artsdigital.co

Nonprofit: eugenecontemporaryart.com

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This is you and I in heartfelt and empathetic dialogue. It’s safe here.


Thinking out loud about an art practice in progress. Writing about what I know through the lens of my own studio practice - art, design, experimental music, and running an art organization. At least that's what I'm telling myself.


Courtney Stubbert is an artist, designer, parent, partner, and a crappy skater. By day he is a UX designer in the public sector and the director of a nonprofit contemporary arts space. At night he just struggles to finish his own creative projects.