Remote Studio Visit - 001

A no-fuss, handheld audit of some recent drawings

I took the day off work today in the hopes of getting some studio time, and working on some exterior house projects. I also wanted to share some recent drawings, but didn’t want to sit and wring my hands over writing about it. So here is zero-effort video of me talking about some drawings made since July 2021.

Don’t expect good lighting, sponsored products, or links to other videos, because as of today there are none. I’m just extending the audit of my work to a different format.

If you are new here, you can get deep dives into what goes into my drawings via these posts:

Index of Personal Visual Effects: 0001 - Broken Structures
Old, heavy things that might drift away I like broken architecture and abstract structural forms. Currently, these appear as unfolding, origami-like shapes that often look like they acknowledge the presence of gravity or perspective, but then don’t go through with it. It’s not that they don’t like gravity. (I mean, it…
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Index of Personal Visual Effects: 0002 - Artifacts of Grammar: Words and Letters
In my work you will frequently see broken letter forms, half-written sentences, or sentences that may sound like a common phrase or misspoken piece of pop culture. Like a new kid at school trying to say something cool to fi…
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