In studio this week #001

New drawings and old things dug up.

Clockwise from top left: Text studies, a painting in progress; new drawing in progress; I’ve been saving old record sleeve to use in drawings. It’s yellowed, square paper that’s been hugging music.

I miss the format and social experience of Instagram. I no longer use it because I can’t bring myself to participate in the dirty work it’s parent company, Facebook, puts into the world. If you need some help leaving a toxic and culturally damaging platform, read this.

Anyway, I’ve got a new space, and you’re here, and I’m going to post photos without all the baggage of digital overloards controlling our self-worth, moods, and the number of people who can see your work.

I would like to put some work up for sale here soon. Should it be paintings or drawings? What are you interested in owning?

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